Tips and Advice

  1. Order toner before you run out! This avoids service interruptions while you wait for replacement toner to arrive.
  2. Always keep an extra toner on the shelf. When you put the last toner in, order more simply send us an email at and we will get it right to you! This will prevent interruptions while you wait for supplies..
  3. Call for service if you see a warning or alert on the control panel. You may be able to get the machine running, but it still may require service. It is better to be preventive then causing more problems..
  4. If you experience a paper jam, make sure to retrieve all of the paper that is jammed. Even a small piece of paper left behind will result in a failure to clear the jam. Please note hot humid weather also creates jams, try changing the paper to fresh paper if your machine has been running a few days and see if this helps. Repeat jams require a service call..
  5. Beware of Toner scammers. They will call and get information pretending to be people they are not. Then they will send toner and a hefty bill. Always verify who you are talking to and if you are not sure, call us!.
  6. You can put calls in just for maintance cleaning. You don’t have to wait for a problem to arise; if it has been a while you can still call for maintance checkups!

Lastly if you are uncertain about a condition displayed by the copier, or you are unsure of what to do, call us! We will help! 315-624-0668


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