Top 5 Service Tips


If your system is jamming, remember to fan the paper before putting it in the drawer. Always replace paper a ream at a time - using partial reams open paper up to humidity, which increases jamming possibility.


If lines or smudges appear on COPIES (not prints), try cleaning the read glass (Small slit of glass on the left of the plate glass) and the plate glass. Sometimes small specks of dirt, white out or dust get stuck on the glass. Making sure the glass is clean can avoid a service call!


Always shake your toner well before installing in your system. Sometimes in shipping and storage, toner settles and could clump up, causing print quality issues. Shaking the toner before installation will avoid this and keep your print quality crisp and clean!


If a message pops up on your system indicating that the waste toner collection bottle is almost full, call our office so one of our technicians can swap it with an empty one. Once this gets full, your system could stop working until it is replaced!


If your system is showing an error code, having this code handy when placing a service call can give our technician information about what is needed to fix the issue - saving time and frustration!

If you need to place a service call, have your Equipment ID ready (located on the BME sticker on the front of your device) and call our office at 315-733-2033 OR email our dispatcher at for a prompt response.

If you need to order toner, email with your Equipment ID and contact information.

Thank you for your business!


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