Managed Print Solutions from BME

Optimize your imaging and printing infrastructure, control assets and costs, and improve document workflows with HP Managed Print Services (MPS). HP MPS provides proactive end-to-end Management of your imaging and printing needs from a single, globally trusted partner. The Industry-leading network, infra-structure management, and asset management capabilities from the foundation of, HP MPS. These powerful capabilities enable remote and secure installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring and management of your imaging and printing environment.

HP Managed Print Services include:

Assessment Services

  • Gain more visibility of your current usage, uncover hidden costs
  • Develop a business case for change

Financial and Procurement Services

  • Realize lower total cost of ownership—from planning for and acquiring your new technology to retiring and replacing it.
  • Make sure that the right equipment is installed in the appropriate location and that your end users know how to make the most of it.

Management and Support Services

  • Enable ongoing return on investment (ROI) through fleet availability and optimization, support and supplies management and greater visibility into usage trends, capacity and expenditures.

Document and Workflow Services

  • Automate paper-intensive workflows and better manage the underlying infrastructure that supports your processes for accelerated business results.

What if you could…

What if you could…

Reduce costs by gaining visibility and control over your printing technology, assets and supplies?

  • Free up time for IT and end users to focus on the core business?
  • Improve productivity and accelerate business results with enhanced document workflows?
  • Mitigate security and compliance risks with authentication, authorization and auditing solutions that help control access to documents and data?
  • Increase environmental sustainability with energy-efficient products, as well as software and services that help you better manage print volume?