Technology that is environmentally friendly and highly economical is the foundations of KYOCERA’s unique product line-up.
Kyocera technology provides the ability to define up to three color usage levels, based on your typical business documents.
Contrary to flat rate billing, which is when you are charged the same price for every color page, the Tiered Color System pricing model charges only for the amount of color being used.

• Simple Color – Low Coverage (Less than 5%)
• Business Color – Medium Coverage (5.1%-14.9%)
• Creative Color – High Coverage (More Than 15%)

With Kyocera’s Tiered Color System, documents that contain lower levels of color (simple color) can be billed at a lower rate than full color documents.
For example, you will be able to print or copy more monochrome documents with your company logo in color, such as letterheads and invoices, at a fraction of the current color cost.
This is color printing made simple and affordable.

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