ConnectKey is the Operating System of all new Xerox systems. Having a uniform operating system gives you many benefits that optimize document workflow.


If you have multiple Xerox systems, all the menus and options will look identical, regardless of the model of machine you are using. This saves you time and confusion when using multiple systems.


Having an universal operating system benefits you even if you don’t have multiple Xerox systems. Any upgrades that Xerox makes to the operating system will be available for all Xerox systems. Before ConnectKey, and with other manufacturers, you would have to wait for a specific update to your specific model before you could take advantage of the newest features.


With the move of more and more information from paper copies into the digital world, Xerox has strived for information security. With job overwrites performed after every job, your data is deleted and cannot be retrieved from the hard drive. For saved jobs, the data is encrypted using the latest algorithms to ensure that even if your data is exposed, it will be unreadable.


Xerox has made ConnectKey an open platform by opening their APIs so that the public can develop apps for Xerox hardware. This allows Xerox systems to be customizable due to the availability of additional functions provided by third party apps. Apps are made available to the public through the Xerox App Gallery, so you can download apps and improve your workflows.